Sale of Property in India by NRI's

One of the many lucrative investment opportunities in India includes the real estate market particularly in growing cities. Many non-resident Indians have invested in residential and/or commercial properties in India either for the sake of investment or otherwise. The flip side, however, for most NRI's is the task of managing and selling, disposing off or reinvesting these assets in India. Aside from the practical difficulties of travel and connecting to buyers, sale of property by NRIs attracts a higher rate of tax deduction at source, locking up much needed funds in India. The process of sale, re-investment and repatriation requires a few months to complete, considering the related tax and regulatory requirements.

We are in a unique position to offer a complete package of solutions in relation to sale of real estate in India by NRIs. We hand-hold our clients right from the planning phase prior to sale of their property all the way up to repatriation of the proceeds thereon and ensuring that your tax returns are seamlessly filed in both countries along with DTAA benefits, if any.

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    Pre-Sale Assistance

    • Pre-sale tax planning: We help you understand your options, including reinvestment, repatriation, cash flows, and potential global tax mitigation strategies.
    • Connecting you to empanelled real estate consultants who can assist with the sale process.
    • Obtaining a lower tax deduction certificate from the Income Tax Department (subject to PAN jurisdiction): This allows you to limit the tax deducted at source to the extent of the tax required to be paid on the capital gain resulting from the property.

    During the sale assistance

    • Computation of Capital Gains: Accurate reporting of capital gains for transparency.
    • Reinvestment Assistance: Help in reinvesting sale proceeds for optimal returns and exploring investment options.
    • CA Certification for Repatriation: Smooth repatriation and remittance of funds with CA certification.
    • Hand-holding During the Sale Process: Assisting with questions, clarifications, and buyer’s tax issues during registration.
    • Expertise and Support: Experienced team providing guidance and assistance throughout the sale process.

    Post-sale assistance

    • Filing Income Tax Returns in India: We handle the filing of income tax returns in India, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.
    • Filing Tax Returns in Australia: We assist with the filing of tax returns in Australia, addressing global tax obligations.
    • We also facilitate the repatriation of funds from your Indian bank account to your Australian bank account and provide CA certificate 15 CA/CB for banks to initiate the transfer.
    • Double Taxation Treaty Benefits: We help you take advantage of the Double Taxation Treaty between India and Australia, minimizing tax liabilities and avoiding dual taxation.
    • Assistance with Income Tax Assessment Proceedings: Our team provides support and guidance in income tax assessment proceedings, ensuring a smooth resolution if such situations arise.


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